As my current or future legal client, you are (and will be) entitled to the following rights:

  • The right to receive the best efforts I can provide in resolving legal issues affecting you and your business;
  • The right to a letter of retention spelling out the terms and conditions of my representation;
  • The right to contact me by telephone or email 24 hours a day, seven days a week and to demand I make foreign inquiries at any hour of the day or evening;
  • The right to receive an acknowledgement of your inquiry within 2 hours (unless I am traveling by air) and an initial substantive response within 24 hours;
  • The right to a final response to the issues you raise within the time frame that you need it;
  • The right to obtain such a timely response even if I am traveling outside the US on business or for personal reasons;
  • The right to receive an analysis of your legal issue in whatever format you choose (i.e., email, email attachment, posted letter, overnight, telephone conference);
  • The right to be billed for legal services provided solely by me unless it is advisable to consult with attorneys from outside the firm but only with your prior consent;
  • The right to an invoice that spells out the work provided for each tenth of an hour spent on your matter and that enumerates all associated expenses;
  • The right to be billed for expenses incurred by me on your behalf on a one-for-one basis with no law firm add-ons;
  • The right to receive my invoice for services rendered within 10 days of the close of the month in which they are provided;
  • The right to discretion on my part in that I do not publicize my clients without their consent unless my name is on a public filing on their behalf;
  • The right to be treated to lunch or dinner if you visit the Washington area;
  • The right to terminate my representation of you at any time and for any reason;
  • The right to not have an untrained associate attorney bill hours on your account or to be “stacked” for their work review, and associated hourly billings by senior attorneys;
  • The right to remain a client of this firm for as long as I am in the practice of law (existing clients trump any potential; conflict presented by a prospective client, no matter how small the existing client or how large their billings).

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